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Meet Our Pastors
Abraham & Damary Gonzalez


Pastors Abraham & Damary Gonzalez Serve as one in the kingdom of God. Married and serving the Lord together since (June 26, 1982) they have four children- Jasmine, Abraham II married to Vanessa Gonzalez elders of OCC & directors of OCC Worship Minsitry, Christian Andrew and Alexandra Sarai. They have four grandchildren Lourenzo, Elianna, Olivia and Aria.

They served as elders at Calvary Christian Fellowship in Manhattan, New York. And moved to AZ in 2002, where they continued serving as elders at the church, where they now lead as the Senior Pastors of Oasis Christian Center in Mesa AZ. since November 2008.

Through their testimony God uses them, in the restoration of families, Marriage counselors, and their focus for the kingdom of God is strong and healthy families = strong and healthy church.

They believe their ministry is about empowering others, to fulfill the plan and purpose of God in their lives. They encouraged, inspired and mentored families and marriages to become Godly husbands and wives, Strong Leaders that stand, claim and believe the word of God to be true in their lives and be an example in the life of others. 
They have experienced the mighty hand of God in many areas of there life, marriage restoration, physical and emotional healing. They are a matrimony of faith that carries a word of life, encouragement, deliverance and restoration. Appointed by God for such time as this to take and expand his word to every men and woman. They carry a burning passion for the will of God and His word to become a reality in each person, there deeper desire is for every soul to come to know about the hope we have in our savior Jesus and the perfect plan and purpose he has for every single one of his children. Their calling is to share the truth of the gospel with the practical love of God for people.

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